My first "real" computer was a C-64, and I have been using computers avidly ever since that cold winter in 1984. In the 90's and 00's I mostly did graphics work (2d, 3d, animation). Once I switched to Linux in 2008, I began to get more involved in coding (because 2d, 3d and animation sucked) and today I recognize that its actually more productive and flexible to write code. (Although I do spend quite a bit of time using Gimp and Flowblade.)

These days I work with node.js and CLI scripting. If there needs to be a GUI, I prefer to use angular.js

I usually release snapshots of my projects as open source and you can see some of them here.


Strip metadata from your images in the browser without uploading the image to a server. It also allows you to see the metadata of the image. If you choose, it will contact the public Mozilla STUN server to show you your public and local IP addresses.


A proof of concept for automatic video editing from the command line. In its current iteration, it uses ffmpeg, mplayer and the amazing mlt-framework to analyze shots in a video and recombine them according to the settings chosen by the user. Soon it will also analyze audio in order to make the edit-decision-lists more robust. At some point in the near future it will even cut according to subtitle files. It rocks.


Passwords suck. Pictures are great. This little script allows you to bring a picture into your browser and turns it into a REALLY long password. This proof of concept was first presented (and peer-reviewed) at the Cryptocon 2015 in Leipzig.


Together with a friend we built an archive system for the Gängeviertel, and needed a way to transform any kind of file into a web-presentation. This system allows the administrator to convert pretty much any standard file into something presentable while archiving the original and also checking for viruses.