Here is a selection of critical texts and journals that I have written, edited or contributed to. Some of them are responses to artists that I know, while others reflect upon current events.


On some occasions words are not enough to describe complex issues, and in these cases I often resort to using maths to come closer to the point.

  • Tau vs. Pi (2015) PDF
  • I don't know art, but... (2015) MEDIUM.COM


This article was written for the Gängeviertel exhibition catalogue at the 30C3 in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Kim Jong Un's Uncle (2014) PDF


These texts reflect upon artists that I know personally either through collaboration or curation.

  • Unfinished History (2015) PDF
  • Love it so much when you're all mine (2014) MEDIUM.COM
  • Chairs are for Shirts (2013) PDF
  • Sizing Jack (2012) PDF


For several years I was the editor-in-chief and contributor to the Galerie Eigenheim Journal of Culture. Here are three issues that I was responsible for.

  • Bauhausler Superstars (2009) PDF
  • The Creativity Index (2008) PDF
  • Borders and Borderlands (2007) PDF